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Welcome to Mikie's Interests


This page is all about my interests.  I have 2 cats named Nimitz and Midway. I build plastic models such as aircraft carriers, cruisers, military aircraft, tractor-trailer, and some exotic cars.  I like to build web sites on my off time, as well as learn about the newest operating systems. I will update this page when I can.

Below is a video of my 2 cats playing  and eating at my old place here in Chickendale, er, I mean Springdale. I do not have any videos of them playing at my new place. It takes a while to download if you have a 56k modem, but if you have a DSL, or T1 line, it should not take that long. Nimitz (the older, multi-colored cat) is named after Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz of World War 2, and Midway (the younger cat in these movies) was named after the South Pacific Island with the same name that was the major turning point in World War 2 in the Pacific when the Japanese Naval Military led by Admiral Yamamoto decided to attack Midway Island after he had planned the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Nimitz&Midwayatplay1.AVI (1700864 bytes)      Midway&Nimitzeating.AVI (1379840 bytes)

The next videos  I have is of Midway, being in the beginning of the picture and looking at you and then slowly walking away to show Nimitz, my older cat laying right behind her in my old place.  The other 2 I have is of Nimitz watching Midway play with a round-a-bout toy that my sister-in-law gave me. Midway is so opportunistic when it comes to picture time. :-)
Midway&NimitzCU.AVI (2401280 bytes)     
MidwayPlay1.AVI (1741824 bytes)      Midwayatplay2.AVI (2076160 bytes)

4th_of_July.avi (2985866 bytes)

This is the 4th of July from my home. Awesome show, huh??? :-)

Below is a picture of me and my 2 cats together at my old place.

MeNimitz&Midway.JPG (38993 bytes)


Below is a picture of my hard working pick-up truck, 2000 Ford F-150 XL  made by the most best truck manufacturer, Ford in Norfolk, VA (of course, I am a little bit biased. :) ). Click on the picture to see a full sized picture of it, but please do not download this picture without permission from me.

Mikes_Truck.jpg (63188 bytes)

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