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Welcome to Mikie's Unofficial Selena Web Site!

This Award is issued to this site by the Advisory Board of the POW/MIA Freedom Fighters Organization, for it's early and steadfast commitment to our missing Warriors.

Selena Message Board
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These pictures were made with the help of antoher Selena web site, and with Sierra Print Artist 3.0.

* I do not in any way represent Selena's family.
* I am a fan of her music, and has made quite an impact in my life.
* Selena meant a lot to her fans, and never let fame and fortune go to her      head. She always wanted to and did help people out.
* It is that same philosophy, that drives this web site as a tribute to her        memory.

This banner is from Marc Antoine. He used to sing with Selena. Please visit this site and see about this Latin superstar.

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This picture is scanned from one of Selena's CD.


Please sign my Dreambook, and let me know what you think of this site. Please do not write any pornographic, sick, lewd, racial, ethical or any defamatory language in the dreambook. I have had a problem in the past of some people doing just that.

If you would like to view what other Selena fans have said about this site, please view my dreambook.

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If you would like to email me, please email me at: Mike Matteri

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