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Welcome to How To Clean Out Your CPU Fan!

These steps are for a Socket 7 Motherboard and CPU. The AMD Athlon, and the Pentium 2, 3, and 4 Chips are a little different with the CPU size, but the same precautions must be used.

Here are the steps on how to clean out your CPU Fan. Please keep in mind that this is very sensitive equipment for your computer. If you follow these directions, you will have no problem with your computer making weird noises when it boots up.

1) Open up your computer case.

2) Remove all jewelry, and touch the power supply for approximately 6-7 seconds to discharge the static electricity in you.

3) Locate the CPU on your system board. (See below diagram)






4) Located on the system board, you will find a socket that the CPU is in. (See below diagram):












5) To remove the CPU for cleaning, unplug the CPU connector (See Step 3 for a diagram of where the CPU connector), and then raise the metal or plastic lever by pulling on it horizontally, until it is completely vertical. The top plate will slide back to open up the socket. The CPU should come out when you lift up on it. Please keep in mind, to avoid touching gold pins. The proper way to remove the CPU and avoid damaging the gold pins is to place your fingers on the outside rim of the CPU. If one of these pins are pushed out of place by your finger, it will prevent the CPU from processing information, and you might have to buy another CPU to replace it. Take a can of compressed air and direct it at the CPU fan within 10-15 inches, and spray the fan with the compressed air. Please DO NOT SHAKE THE CAN WHILE SPRAYING THE CPU FAN. This might cause you to experience a cold feeling from the can. After you have cleaned out the CPU fan, put it back in the CPU socket. To reinstall the CPU, align the CPU and socket pin 1 corners of the white square. Insert the CPU into the socket. It should slide in easily. If it does not, adjust the position of the lever a little. Press the lever down. The top plate will slide into its original position. You will feel some resistance as the CPU is secured into the socket. This is normal and will not damage the CPU. The lever should snap into place at the side of the socket.

6) Put the cover back on and screw into place.

Congratulations, you have learned how to clean out your CPU fan.

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